badge Red Black on Chrome Grille Mount

This one is for the 4heads, a badge five generations in the making! This red and black on polished chrome Grille Mounted Badge will be remain in unlimited production. Each one is approximately 3" in diameter, weighs about half a pound and is individually number stamped on the back.  These babies are solid!  The stud mountable badges come with two threaded studs and the mounting bracket necessary to get this beaut on your grille in minutes! The badges mount universally on most grid or mesh front grilles. Just screw the two included threaded studs into the back of the badge.  Then position the badge on the grille where you want it, with the studs through the grille.  Finally, use the included nuts to anchor the included mounting plate against the inner side of the grille. and voila. No drilling, no need to remove the grille and completely and safely reversible. badge Red Black on Chrome Grille Mount

Price: $39.00
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